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"Green" Mold Remediation and
Natural Mold Killing Remedies from MDRS
New Jersey, Philadelphia

MDRS - Mold Inspections, Mold Testing, Mold Remediation Services

'Green' Mold Remediation Services and
Natural Mold Killing Remedies

"Green" Mold Remediation: Using industry-wideaccepted protocols, MDRS will complete a thorough fungal/moldassessment in order to formulate the proper remedial scope to address your specific needs. Our natural mold killing remedies and 100% environmentally safe products not only kill mold spores, allergens and otherpotential irritants, but they also break them down and biodegradethem assuring that no allergenic bodies are left behind. In usingthese latest technologies, MDRS saves you the expense of futureremediation jobs.

NJ, PA Indoor Air Quality Tests & Air Purification

Using a 100% All Natural, bio-based treatment, we will clean the air throughout your home or office and sanitize the surfaces. The sanitizing product is an NSF-approved General Cleaner and Sanitizer and EPA-registered. It effectively kills a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and viruses including: salmonella, MRSA, Listeria, E.coli, Avian Flu, Norwalk, and more! Our air purification treatment for clean air at home or the office continues to work for days after application leaving the environment healthy and clean. Ideal for:

• Basement
• Family Room

• Bedroom
• Pre-schools

• Playroom
• Office
Mold Inspection

MDRS uses the latest advances and trends in business and residential air purification to complete a thorough evaluation, both inside and outside of your home or office building, to determine the types and amount of mold samples necessary to provide you with a comprehensive report. This report will outline the types of molds present and establish if either normal or abnormal fungal/mold conditions exist.

We will also include the National Asthma & Allergy Foundation’s chart so you can see where your levels fall compared to the norm and provide you with a detailed description of what remedial actions should be carried out for improving air quality at home or in your work environment. We will explain what it takes to bring you to acceptable levels.

"Green" Mold Remediation and
Natural Mold Killing Remedies from MDRS
New Jersey, Philadelphia


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